Tuesday, June 21, 2011

don’t show-cha your chocha

Credit where it's due: http://daddylikey.blogspot.com

I find pictures of hemlines that are too short.
Then I make a funny.

No one uses their goth grandma’s curtain and wears it as a cape for minimal chocha coverage? 
Why didn’t you tell me?!"

Keep looking. You won’t find pants. 
Just a smorking chocha.

The poor models thighs are so slim.
She can’t even properly clench for full chocha coverage.

I would be angry too if I was forced to wear something so short. 
She was expecting pants, socks don’t count.

That handbag might come in handy when she decides to walk. 
You know to prevent a chocha-rific moment.


Veronica said...

a couple friends and i once encountered a girl whose dress was way too short. we were sure she just lost her pants, poor thing. haha.

thelifeacademic said...

Haha! Did you see this when it floated around the webs lately: http://jezebel.com/5799608/are-you-wearing-pants-this-chart-will-help-you-answer-that-question

p.s. go strawberry picking asap! It was so much fun and I definitely ended up with about 20 pounds of strawberries in my freezer!

Sarah said...

It cracks me up that you're taking ridiculous hemlines and cracking jokes. I love when I see girls in real life who are not dressed appropriately. I've seen girls downtown in somewhat long button down shirts as dresses and when they walk the flap at the front shows their underwear (or worse, the surprise itself).

Danielle said...

I love that you re-created this!! I'm looking forward to weekly installments! And to helping you find the pictures!

btw, love that chart in the second comment LMAO

Ms LadyCakes said...

Hahaha - you are too funny girl!


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