Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Shirt: Forever 21, Leggings: Style Exchange, Shoes: Nine West, Blazer: American Eagle, Belt: Winners, Necklace: Betsey Johnson, Purse: Steve Madden

If you ever see me on the subway, during my {1} hour commute to work, I will be
glued to my iPhone. While others are catching up on the news, reading some gossip or
watching sports highlights, I’m on a journey to tasty destruction.

With one swipe, I slice and splatter fruit – like a true ninja warrior.
Productivity 0 – Fruit Ninja 1

…I used to read

Fruit Ninja for iPhone/iPod Touch

Speaking of delicious sliced fruit...

Boyfriend and I ate dinner out on the patio. I got to show off my ninja skills.


Lydia Marie said...

First of all, your shoes and bag are ah-mazing. Secondly, YES on fruit ninja. I'm also super addicted to Tiny Wings.

Shopping and Spreadsheets

Danielle said...

Gotta love the wind eh! We both have very wind blown hair that day.

I am incredibly jealous of your patio, its so cute!!!

Abby said...

I want your purse!

Flashes of Style said...

Your heels are soo cute! <33



Abby said...

I love the splash of color you added with the purse. You're adorable!

Sally from Sorelle In Style said...

love this outfit! the neutral but soft colors with the exotic colored bag is perfect!

thanks for the comment, hon!


sorelle in style

Veronica on the Verge said...

i DIE for those shoes. love them!

Beatrice Balaj said...

Love the outfit! Great blog. Now following with google. If my blog inspires you, you should also follow me; it will much be appreciated! :)


Jen said...

I LOVE your bag and shoes. And congrats on your ninja skills... never know when those will come in handy! :)

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