Tuesday, June 28, 2011

the weatherman lied

Shirt: American Eagle, Dress: Talula *from Aritzia*, Shoes: Michael Kors, Purse: Coach 

Last Wednesday was very boring,
it was a very boring day,
there was nothing much to look at,
there was nothing much to say...

This post is actually about a week late {because everyone knows punctuality is the thief of time}.

Last Wednesday was one of those days, where I bored even myself. It was dreary, rainy and plain yukky outside.

The weatherman had lied to me!

Every morning I turn on Breakfast Television and like a little kid, wait for my favorite weatherman to help me pick out my outfit. He has always been there for me, we're buddies him and I, so naturally I believe every word he says.  However, I am no longer faithful to you mister weatherman. You are a big fat liar. I wore a dress! You said sunshine, light winds - it was cloudy and so windy that when I walked I looked like a dog with it's tail between it's legs.


Jane Reggievia said...

hey dear Katya, nice to know you! thanks for dropping a comment in my blog (:
awww nice shirt I love it! you paired with the dress, lovely!
anyway, bad weather same here, rainy all day ):
take care then!


Lydia Marie said...

I hate it when weathermen lie! At least you look cute, I really like how you dressed up the plaid shirt.

Shopping and Spreadsheets

♥ joei said...

I love your blog! Its such a light read :) Follow each other?

Definitely, Maybe

Jessica Gitler said...

Ohhh, I so know what you mean about the weather man, I have come to the conclusion that it is the best job in the world because you always get to be wrong AND get payed for it!! Hahah, I want that job!

chocolatefashioncoffee said...

love those shoes!they look very comfy :)


Rebecca Clairine said...

I know it about the weatherman ..
Weather sometimes can be very very annoyed ..
But nevermind,
U look cute with the dress <33
i love the shoes :D


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

i know how you feel. me and steve (the local weatherman) are buds. unfortunately it's pretty hard to mess up on the weather up in the northwest. rain, rain and sometimes just cloudy.
thanks for the blog lovin'!


Dresses for Dinner said...

This is perfect.

Ms LadyCakes said...

I stopped believe them a long time ago. Ha! ;)


Jen said...

I LOVE this shirt! Such a fun summer outfit.

Abby said...

I hate getting stuck in very windy weather in a dress! I love your pairing with the plaid top though :)

luckyenoughblog.com said...

so cute!

xo, lizzie

FAB said...

Can't trust those weathermen! Mine is named Demetrius, and while I adore him so, he often leads me astray!

I love that you've paired this plaid top with the skirt! So cute!

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