Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the cherry on top

Skirt: Aritzia, Top: Kensie, Shoes: Aldo, Purse: Aldo, Ring: H&M


Every Thursday there is a Farmers Market at the Metro Square near my work. 
They have the most delicious looking fruit && veggies. 
We never pass up on the chance to stop by at lunch and drool (a little).

Last Thursday I picked up some cherries, because who can say no to freshly picked cherries for $4.50?
I thought so. 
They kicked supermarket cherries ARSE.

What do you know, I brought some back for the boyfriend (I know, best girlfriend ever or what?)
What else do you know...he got cherry juice all over his dress shirt. With half a day still left at work.

THANK GOD for the magic of tide to go...&& the bathroom sink.

Girls, I come to you with a suggestion. 
You can't take the boyfriend anywhere without some tide to go. 
Yet another lesson learned :)


Beatrice Balaj said...

Lovely photos! That handbag is adorable!


vchodge said...

Pretty yellow wedges!

Style Journey said...

Love this outfit and I especially like it paired with your yellow wedges! Your bag is fabulous :)


Monica and Whitney said...

I love the pop of color that those shoes add!
Ask the Duplex

Emily said...

Thanks for your incredibly sweet comment on my blog Katya! I'm happy you're my newest follower! You blog is pretty 'sweet' itself.


Десислава Валентинова said...

Thank you for your lovely comment and for the following! <3
You look awesome and your pictures are perfect!! :))


Hilary Mae said...

I went to the open market today too!
I also LOVE the outfit.
And the photos.
You just rock.

Hilary Mae

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