Sunday, July 17, 2011

playing hookie

Shirt: Gap, Jeans: Habitual, Shoes: Costa Blanca X, Scarf: Forever 21
Friday July 8th, 2011

Hookie - 1 dictionary result found...

A day in which liberty is taken upon oneselfs to exclude themselves from work obligations while, most likely, pretending to be in a meeting. Usually this time is spent eating lunch && shopping with a friend (i.e. hookie for thrift-shopping). Commonly referred to as "playing hookie".


ffevertotell said...

it's been cloudy and grey here, but your pictures have assured me that yes, it is in fact summer out there!

Hilary Mae said...

that scarf (i believe that is what it is) is sunshine wrapped around you! its perfect!

Hilary Mae

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