Monday, August 01, 2011


Who knew that 1960 was only a few blocks away?

Early Friday evening, boyfriend & I headed to Unionville awesome suburban village a few minutes from our house.

Random fact - Hayden Christensen went to high school in Unionville - If only I was born a few years (edit: 10 years) earlier :)

We started our walk at the lake - and quickly ran (that is, I ran, boyfriend walked) closer to town. Canadian geese are vicious! I sneaked some bread in my purse so I could feed them, and all of a sudden it was like a scene out of EuroTrip - I swear I could hear them quacking "Chica, Chica!" as they chased me. 

Shirt: Boyfriends, Belt: H&M
We ended up pigging out at the Candy Store 
A combination of rocky road fudge & cupcakes is the best Friday night dinner, don't cha know?

We drove back with the windows rolled down, and sang to the radio while trying to showcase our best dance moves (as much as the space in the car would allow).

And while we didn't max out our credit cards, get kicked out of a bar or go skinny dipping in the dark. It was a pretty darn awesome Friday night.


Charity said...

in the last picture, you look like you got caught doing something you weren't supposed to! hehe. :)

Chaucee said...

Aw what a fun time! I love mini adventures like this.

The Dainty Doll's House said...

Looks like so much the geese part, they are viscious!! And I practically have to run 'walking' next to my husband, I wish I had longer legs! x

Spinner's End said...

That last picture is so sassy and cute! Seriously though, NEVER feed the geese. Ducks are fine, they don't get too pushy. But geese are The Worst.

Sarah Willow said...

Those cupcakes look deadly. As in, deadly for my waistline. Although if I were in the vicinity of the aforementioned cupcakes I'd probably say "To hell with it all!" and proceed to inhale three. Love your casual outfit for your and your boyfriend's jaunt about town!

xo Sarah Willow

Sarah said...

Fun!! love how you belted the boyfriend's shirt!! :) thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!


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