Tuesday, August 23, 2011

better early than never

The following post contains bragging and boasting and is suitable for purse lovers only.
If you have a weak spot for gorgeous bags or are interested in a review, please do continue reading.

What I've learned? That boyfriend has great taste in bags. 

Check out this gorgeous camera bag from Theit - can you believe he picked this out for me!?

My Birthday isn't actually until this Sunday, but when you live together (especially when you live with a nosy gall like me) - keeping presents a secret is pretty hard!
This beauty came in early (according to boyfriend) and he had no choice but to let me open the box and see what goodies were inside.

You guys should have seen me! I was like a kid who found where her parents stashed the Christmas presents. Woop woop!

I can not say enough good things about this camera bag 
(or about the boyfriend..I love you babe, I know you're reading this!)

The quality is phenomenal, the design is gorgeous & the size is exactly right.
I've been taking this baby with me everywhere! 

Check out the super-soft and padded dividers inside...perfect!   

Oh..and one last thing - it really is waterproof! We got caught in the rain this weekend and while my flats were soaking wet and my hair was a fuzz ball - my camera was safe & dry (NOT a single drop of water made it inside!)

Best birthday present a girl can ask for?

Me thinks so!


Katya said...

What a fantastic bag! AND boyfriend! Exquisite taste. :)
Enjoy your new purse!!!


Katya said...

That bag is STUNNING!! I love everything about it, the tassle, the quilted effect...everything!! :) your boyfriend has great taste!


Katya said...

Very lush..great taste for sure! xx

Katya said...

You would never guess this was a camera bag from the outside. And it suits your style so well! That's one attentive boyfriend you've got there.

Katya said...

your bf sounds like a keeper! cute bag

Katya said...

Lucky girl. Definitely the perfect gift.

xo L.

Katya said...

I saw that and Loved it too! Let me know how you like!

Katya said...

That bag looked lovely, what a kind boyfriend you got! :D

Katya said...

OOoh that is the PERFECT camera bag! I'm still looking for one. Your boy has great taste! Early happy birthday ;) I'll be watching my shoes...haha ;) ❤

Katya said...

holy freaking CUTE!! boy knows how tah shop!

Lovely Little Rants

Courtney said...

Aw what a sweetie! I thought this was a purse!!

Katya said...

I love this bag so much! Sorry but I'm going to have to get the same one too! Your bf has really good taste!


Katya said...

Soooo jealous:) I've actually been looking online the last two days for one myself! Your BF picked out a great b-day gift.

Katya said...

Love this bag!

xoxo Denise


Katya said...

i like this bag... i wanna give to my girl friend...

Today deal is....

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