Sunday, August 07, 2011


Dress: Forever21, Shoes: Michael Kors
Skirt: F21, Shirt: Random Boutique, Shoes: Browns
Delicious Tostada: Chicken, Salsa, Guacamole, Sour Cream & Cheese
Guilty Pleasures - I <3 McD's apple pie
Sangria :):)

I realize it's been a while since I posted, gaw, I missed you blog. I promise, I will never leave you alone for this long ever again!

Before my current job, I used to park my bottom in a chair for 8 hours a day and put on my headset, while trying to help poor computer illiterate people use our website.

There were a fair share of clue-less customers who stood out for their complete lack of computer skills and inability to actually listen. 

& while I tried my best to be patient, after a certain amount of time, any sane person would want to put them on mute and scream - or - bang their head on the table numerous times.

A couple days ago I found out that there is a way to classify situations like this.

Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair

Genuis. Might even get myself one of THESE 
(to sleep in, my geeky side is never actually unleashed to the real world)


chocolatefashioncoffee said...

love the first outfit :)

Sheila said...

i love your dress!

Courtney said...

Gorgeous dress!
You're doing a 30 for 30! I'm so blind; I didn't notice when I visited your blog the time before! You go girl. I'm finding it so hard. I'm sick now, so I'm on a bit of a hiatus but even so, I haven't given up. You look gorgeous!
I Can Be Many Things

Samantha said...

<3 the second outfit! super cute!


The Dainty Doll's House said...

gorgeous outfits and the tostada looks yummy!! Have a great day! xx

Spinner's End said...

hahaha that's so funny! though there's no shame in wearing your geeky side for all to see.. there are definitely ways to style up a teeshirt like that without sacrificing your style. well.. maybe not this teeshirt.. but you know what i mean!

Sarah CHIC NEVERLAND said...

the flower dress is so sweet and that tostada looks yummy!!

Kimberly Capeto said...

Hey !
Those photos are really cool, I like the first outfit :)

Hilary Mae said...

That dress and that skirt are amazing.
And I know you already know I'm going to comment on the shoes.
Love the outfits!

Katya said...

Love the outfits! Especially that dress!

Katya said...

The fact that you say something witty far often than gods play musical instruments (to my knowledge, anyway) has me endlessly amused. I'm also pretty much obsessed with that adorable dress and darling skirt.

Katya said...

I have that dress too! I wear it quite a bit, so much so the strap broke-it's time to bust out my sewing skills :)

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