Friday, September 09, 2011

4th sense

Bath & Body Works

"Patience is virtue"

There are two reasons I've learned that lesson.

  One - Because I'm trying to be good, and not scratch at my eye while it heals
...I wait patiently until I can leave the house 
(put on something other then my current uniform of leggings and over sized tee-shirts)
&& show you guys all the fall outfits I've put together.

They are hanging in my closet...
and every day this week I open the door and calm them down
"Don't worry you guys, I promise, soon!"

Two - Because I have been a good girl, waiting patiently for the fall collection at Bath & Body Works.

I did leave the house for a little (little rebel that I am) to go pick up some candles.

1. Leaves 
an all time favorite! the epitome of fall.. 
if you haven't had a chance to check this one out,

2. Caramel Apple 
a perfect transition from summer to fall 

3. S'mores 
because I'm still holding on to the little bit of summer left

4. Pumpkin Patch 
would have never thought I'd like this one, but it is probably second to leaves..
even better? together they are a match made in heaven

So while I can't see properly out of my eye, at least not all my senses are lost.
Thank you 4th sense for letting me enjoy my new candles this week.


Katya said...

i love scented candles and can't wait to get some fall ones! my favorite scent is apple caramel :)

Happy Friday!


Fashion Fractions

Katya said...

oohh these sound so good. definitely putting me in an autumn mood. i'm pretty obsessed with candles myself, and i've never smelled the leaves one before.. definitely gotta check that one out!

Katya said...

The Caramel Apple is my favorite one!
Its smells like heaven in a glass cylinder!
Happy Fall!
And I've scratched my eye before. I feel your pain. I wore a patch and said Argh at people and no I'm not joking. I was in high school.

Katya said...

I love your blog! The candels all sound yummy- I want to pick up Caramel Apple soon. I also loved your outfit from last post & I was an Aurthur kid too- DW (his lil sis) reminded me of my pain-in-the-neck baby sis- of course I say pain-in-the-neck with love.

Katya said...

Ha ha! So glad someone else remembers Arthur :)

You didn't leave a link back to your blog hun :P I'd love to check it out.

Katya said...

Ah I just imagined you with an eye-patch, pretending to be a pirate. Totally made my morning :)

Katya said...

Yes yes yes yes yes, can you tell I'm slightly obsessed?

Katya said...

Apple caramel is one I discovered this year, I can totally see why it's your favorite! Only problem - it makes me hungry when I burn it :P hehe

Katya said...

Oh opps. Its

I'm actually hosting my first giveaway, if you'd like to enter.

Katya said...

Wow! It took a long time for the page to load and at first I didn't quite understand the post... haha, I understand now though. I'll have to go and smell some of these babies when I go to Florida. We don't have a bath and body in NFLD. At least, no where close to me... Sad!

Thanks so much for your comments. You are so great! I hope you start feeling better my love! That's so depressing! You pick your outfits in advance? :) I wonder how that would work out for me. I've never really done it. I just kind of go and hopelessly stare at my closet until something bites me in the ass... haha!

I Can Be Many Things

Katya said...

I LOVE THEIR CANDLES!! I also love fall!!! YAY!

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog hun! I will post a hair tutorial soon :)

xoxo Denise

Katya said...

Ha ha! Normally I don't pick them out in advance, but when you're cooped up at home with nothing better to do... On normal days I'm right there with you - I open my closet and stare inside for a good 5 min until something hits me.

Definitely check out B&BW in Florida. You'll love - I pinky promise :)

Katya said...

Ooo patience is a tough one for me! I'm still working on that one.
I love candles, now I want to go on a lil shopping trip to smell the LEAVES candle.

Katya said...

Oh no need for pinky promises... I believe you! Haha! I can't wait to check it out now! I should try picking some out in advance and see how it turns out...

Katya said...

I have never heard of a S'more Candle!! S'mores are my FAVORITE, I even have a S'mores board on Pinterest. I think I might have to pin this so I don't forget!

Katya said...

If you love s'mores you will absolutely LOVE this candle. I put it in our bedroom and it's the sweetest smell :):)

Katya said...

I am pretty sure the Caramel Apple candle would by my favorite. I loooooooooooove candles, especially these cozy fall scents!


Katya said...

Ah those candles are my favorites! I actually never tried/smelled Leaves, but I've seen it on many blogs, so I think I'll have to give it a try.

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