Sunday, January 29, 2012

weekend uniform

Boots from Jeffrey Campbell  Skinny Pants from Parasuco  Blouse from BCBG  Jewelry from F21  Clutch from UO

Hi my name is Katya, and I am a repeat offender. Yes, I've worn these black pants pretty much all week. They did manage to get a wash somewhere in between, though I had never been so thankful for the invention of a dryer before. When something works, why change it? At least that's what I've been telling myself.

Mini confessional aside, these pants have become part of my uniform for going out. January was a month of birthdays overload, and every weekend we were either dancing in a local club or bar hopping downtown. That's when the uniform of black skinny pants and a cute blouse was born. That and killer boots. Can't forget the killer boots. My wallet may be shedding a tear, but my feet are as happy as ever.

Monday, January 23, 2012

loft lovin'

Black Skinny Pants from Parasuco  Lace Shirt & Pumps from Winners   Earrings from Joe Fresh

If you check my TV history, you'd see there is one channel I tend to gravitate to daily. Home and Garden Television. Oh boy, nothing makes me more excited than real estate. Whether they are building it, tearing it down, buying, selling, renting, you name it - I'm slightly unhealthily obsessed.

But there is one aspect of real estate that makes my heart tingle and that's lofts. I have been dreaming of living in a loft for as long as I can remember. The open space, the incredible amount of lighting, the character, oh and can't forget the decorating opportunities.

Sadly, around my University, there is nothing even remotely close to a loft. While suburban living is just dandy, and I know eventually we'll return here to raise a familly, it's nothing compared to city living. Less than a year to go until I graduate, we pack our bags as quickly as humanely possible and get our bums downtown.

The countdown begins.

Monday, January 16, 2012

ask me anything

Boots from Steve Madden  Leggings/Hat/Jacket/Gloves from Aritzia  Shirt/Sweater from H&M  Necklace from F21  
I love to feel snowflakes on my nose,
even though my toes have froze.
I can no longer feel my limbs,
yet I still indulge my winter whims.
One of my favorite things to read when I first visit your lovely blogs is the FAQ section and I realized I didn't have one. Oh the horror. Help a gall out, ask me anything?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

those other days

Parka from AE  Colored Skinnies from F21  Shirt from J.Crew  Boots are Canadian handmade Aboriginal mukluks 

We all have 'those' days. You know, when slipping your feet into a pair of heels is out of the question...when putting contacts in is too much of a chore...when a skirt all of a sudden looks more like a torture chamber than an acceptable article of clothing...

So please, criticize the critters on my feet all you'd like you judge-y eyes at the mall, because this is my 'other' day and I'm standing my ground.

Saturday, January 07, 2012


Jacket from Aritzia  Jeans & Hat & Scarf from F21  Olive Shirt from Kenzie  Booties from H&M

After a much needed week-atus I have been itching to post. Literally and figuratively speaking, my skin doesn't really get along well with dry winter air. How exciting, first post of 2012 - and only 7 days late - forgive me puhlease?

Boyfriend and I took the winter break to date the heck out of each other. We tasted new cuisines - if you haven't tried pupusas, you haven't lived, pinky promise they taste much better than they sound. Pigged out on lots of delicious deserts, cuddled by the fire/heater with our pillow pet, shopped, and to finish off went skating. A pretty successful ending to a great week, especially when I was the one holding boyfriend up on the ice. I found one sport-like-activity that I'm actually better at. Boo yah!
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